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Test Tablets are available from Nature Spa:

  • Drop tablet into cylinder and gently crush test tablet (this can be done by using the flat end of a pencil).
  • Collect 10mil of water from spa in measure provided.
  • Carefully pour over the crushed tablet.
  • Gently mix until the tablet has dissolved, the sample will slowly turn pink.
  • Leave the sample to stand 20 seconds and then compare the colour to the chart provided.
  • If test is clear then add a double dose of booster.
  • If test is very light pink then add a normal dose. The colour will need to be a dark pink if wishing to clear cloudy water.

NOTES Nature Spa Booster Powder. A twice a week dose of BOOSTER in a spa is required.

Check and keep pH in the range of 7.2 and 7.6 If needed increase pH to the minimum point using Nature Spa pH Powder. (1 measure cup per 1,000lt)

When dosing mid week it is suggested to test before dosing, to ascertain dose level. RING PH: 07 5309 5285 or 0422061419 if unsure.

Enviro Spa - Spa as Nature Intended

Weekly Dosages.

Spa Capacity Enivro Spa Sanitiser Enviro Spa Clarifier Enviro Spa Booster
850 - 1000 ltr 10ml 5ml 60g (2 Cup)
1100 - 1900 ltr 15ml 10ml 90g (3 Cups)
2000 - 3000 ltr 25ml 20ml 90g (3 Cups)

(2 Measure Cups per 1000 litres of Water)

Check pH Level and if below 7.6, raise with pH Raiser.


Spas need 30g mid week dose booster.

Heavy Use Spas - 3 or more persons more than once a week. TEST mid week for booster level.

If Spa is cloudy, use a double dose of Enviro Booster Powder (can also add 5ml Enviro Clarifier) run, then thoroughly clean Spa Filter. Test Booster the next day and dose according to test results.


Remove a bucket of water weekly and replace with fresh water to avoid build up of minerals and chemicals.

  • Do Not treat spa with any chemicals.  If previously using Nature 2 remove stick from filter.
  • Ensure filter is still running as usual
  • Take a sample of water and test chlorine level with Test Stick or DP1 tablets.
  • Ensure it registers  no chlorine
  • If  registers a level of chlorine or bromine then leave spa for a further day and  repeat  test


If NO Chlorine is Present

  • Shock dose the spa with 30grams ( 1 measure cup) Nature Spa Booster.
  • Allow the pump to run, run jets and blowers  this will help to clear the spa.
  • Ensure  the filter element is clean otherwise remove and hose thoroughly.  Can leave the element to soak for half an hour in Nappy San then wash it out well by hosing each segment clean
  • Dose Nature Spa products as per dosing card.
  • Run filter and can use spa within the hour.

Operate the air blower a few times a week, to avoid stagnant water in the pipes as this can be a source of stagnant water smell.

 Each week remove two buckets of water from the spa to avoid the build up of minerals and chemical residue.
Do this regardless of water evaporation.
  • If after heavy use spa is cloudy dose 1 measure cup of Nature Spa Booster powder
  • Run filter for 1/2hr, remove and clean thoroughly.
  • Remember to clean the cartridge often as this is the "kitchen tidy” of your spa.
To Clean Up a Spa

If the spa is dirty or smelly after the above routine, check it may be time to change the water, or give the spa a good clean up.

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