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Nature Spa is a family-owned business, operating from the Sunshine coast for over 14 years. Our focus is selling chlorine FREE spa water treatment products that sanitise and help remove particles from your water without damaging your equipment, swimwear or your health as chlorine might.

Beyond our Nature Spa water treatment products, we also provide servicing, repairs and a full range of spa products (including spa covers, etc). Our shop is located on the main road, with high visibility and easy parking. Our home is adjacent to our shop, so we are happy and able to provide out of hours service when required, by appointment, Normal trading hours apply 6 days a week.

Spa Cleaning and Spas

Chlorine Free Trial Pack

Chlorine Free Trial Pack

Every NEW customer receives a free test kit and small booster.

This pack has all products and instructions needed to dose 1,000-1200ltr spa. The pack will last approx. 3mths.  

Our maintenance products are Chlorine FREE


Additional Spa Services - Call 0422 060 419

Spa Sanitising Products

Spa Sanitising Products

Come feel, touch and won't believe the difference!! Nature Spa Water Treatment It's the easy system for healthy, good looking spas. No chlorine. No gadgets.

Chemical Free Trial Pack

Chemical Free Trial Pack

Come on through to our main Sales site - - To see what we have to offer you.

Spa Repairs and Service

Spa Repairs and Service

We can repair and supply parts to most Spa Makes and Models. Additionally, we can arrange servicing for your current spa.

Sunshine Coast Spa Removals

Sunshine Coast Spa Removals

Can’t bear the thought of leaving your beloved Spa behind when you sell your home! You don’t have to. Simply call us and we will discuss your options.

Why Choose Us - Real Clients

  • Elliot and Jane

    Trying to find a Spa on the Internet was made easy with Nature Spa’s informative and easy to use site. But things got even better when we went and met with Helen at the sales office. She explained everything in detail and at no time did we feel pressured. We thoroughly recommend Nature Spa as the place to buy your Spa. Service and after care is superb.

  • Sylvia Harris

    I changed to Nature Spa for our 7,000 litre swim spa last year after trying just about every other product out there... My husband suffers greatly from psoriasis all over his body, and your products do not affect his skin in any way. If anything, your products help him as now he spends a lot of time outside in the sun and fresh air.

  • Ian Young

    I was present today while the new spas were craned into Zanzibar and Sirocco rooftop areas, and spoke to a number of employees of your companies. Everything went exactly as it should have, and I know from experience that that does not simply happen unless everyone is doing their job properly.

  • Boyd Jorgensen

    I rang the store and Helen took the call. She asked a range of clarifying questions to ensure I was getting the most appropriate product. Couldn't be happier with the quality of the service, prices and speed of delivery to the hinterland. Highly recommend.

  • Sally M

    Thank you so much for your service over the last 6 years - you made owning a spa a delight and was always available for queries whenever I required.

  • Linda

    Hi Helen, thanks so much for getting the products to me so quickly. Spa water is crystal clear after following the instructions enclosed so thanks!

  • Paul

    Hi Helen. Thanks for your email and generosity of information. It really restores faith in humanity when dealing with someone in the retail sector that really cares about their customer.