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Proper water maintenance is crucial to your spa experience.  Maintenance Procedures are not difficult and take up very little time.  
Nature Spa will provide you with their registered NO CHLORINE sanitiser, to keep your spa in top condition.  The Nature Spa System is environmentally friendly, the water stays fresh longer and can be disposed of on the grass or garden.

Contrary to what some Spa Outlets will tell you, all spas require a sanitiser to remove micro-organisms and keep the water fresh and clean.  Even if a Ozone Purification System is fitted to your spa. 

Some Spa Outlets will try and convince you that Salt Chlorinators are more beneficial than normal spa sanitiser. The reality is, that Salt Chlorinators turn the salt into Chlorine which can become unstable in the higher temperatures required for Spas.  The temperature fluctuation in a spa using a Salt Chlorinator can also cause over chlorination which can attack the PVC components in the spa. 

Salt water pool systems or salt chlorine generators, do not replace chlorine.  Salt water pool systems work by producing chlorine, and all chlorine introduced by any method makes hypochlorous acid. Pool Owners are beginning to recognize that salt water systems are no easier to maintain that pools using chlorine, as they still need to maintain the water chemistry just as they would with any other form of chlorine sanitisation. Other problems with salt are how to dispose of it safely and corrosion to components. Disposing of the salt is not easy, it has to go somewhere and this cannot be on your garden. Salt system owners have also reported significant damage and repair bills due to corrosion caused by their salt systems.

An added protection in the Just Spas range of spas, is the Microban Filter.  The fabric in the filters have been infused with Microban® technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface.  When microbes come into contact with the surface of the filter, the Microban® technology penetrates the cell wall of the micro-organism and disrupts the cell function, which in turn disables the micro-organism ability to function, grow and reproduce.  This technology provides you with an added level of cleanliness for your spa.